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February 22, 2023


Located in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest on the Central Coast of British Columbia, the Kitasoo Xai’xais Nation (the “Nation”) has been a leader in conservation and human well-being. The Nation is embarking on a new chapter of its stewardship vision and requires an additional technical support to deliver on a multitude of programs. The Kitasoo Xai’xais Stewardship Authority (the “KXSA”) is the representative body of the Nation in matters related to land, marine, and cultural resource stewardship, and engagement with Crown governments and stakeholders. The primary goal of the Lead Field Technician will be to coordinate and implement field research activities whilst building capacity amongst KXSA staff. To achieve outcomes, this position will work with other KXSA program staff and contractors, Kitasoo Xai’xais Leadership and community members, and other levels of government and stakeholders with an interest in the Kitasoo Xai’xais territory.
Some insight into Kitasoo Xai’xais values, geographies, and people can be found in our recently released film.


recently released film



1. Lead research teams to conduct field work, where required co-developing new survey designs to assess marine resources to inform KXSA collaborative management priorities;
2. Mentor crew members to help build KXSA capacity;
3. Collaborate with industry, other indigenous groups, DFO, and academic institutions to develop and implement research initiatives;
4. Coordinate and conduct SCUBA surveys of marine species including but not limited to: northern abalone, giant red sea cucumber, sea urchin, rockfish, herring spawn, giant kelp, and eelgrass;
5. Coordinate and conduct non-SCUBA surveys for species including but not limited to: spot prawn, dungeness and green crab, sea otters, marine birds, groundfish, and where required assist with creek walks to assess salmon stocks;
6. Support the deployment of temperature data loggers and dissolved oxygen monitors to collect environmental information in Kitasoo Xai’xais Territory;
7. Enter or coordinate the entry of collected data and where required support the sharing of data and information with partners;
8. Ensure the Nation’s interests and positions, and Indigenous knowledge is incorporated along with western science in all research initiatives;
9. Create updates for the KXSA Stewardship Board and committees to maintain communication on and awareness of proposed and current activities and initiatives in the territory;
10. In association with the Community program coordinators, coordinate and facilitate community level information sessions, meetings and workshops regarding uses in the territory, and related planning and decision making;
11. Identify and assist in preparation of funding proposals and reporting requirements; and
12. Carry out other related duties that may be requested by the KXSA Director and/or Advisors.




• A bachelor’s degree or technical diploma related to the scope of the work would be an asset but not a requirement;
• Demonstrated ability to lead and conduct field work related to scope of this work (i.e., dive based surveys) and manage data and information;
• Familiarity with survey methods for the target species listed above;
• Knowledge of the marine resources of the BC Central Coast;
• Experience working with First Nations and an understanding of First Nations rights, title and laws and how they influence stewardship activities would be an asset;
• Willingness to spend extended periods of time away from home working in remote environments and work long hours when necessary. This position requires being based in Klemtu for ~6 months of the year;
• Experience in the outdoors and an ability to operate research vessels (24-30ft crew boats);
• Ability to work effectively in a highly dynamic team environment and with a significant level of autonomy and self-motivation;
• Ability to remain highly organized on multiple projects and deliver projects under tight time constraints;
• Ability to manage difficult situations and to use facilitation skills to find solutions;
• Knowledge of modern office practices and computer skills, software, and equipment including competency with Office 365 (Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Access);
• Excellent communication, time management, and organizational skills; and
• Leadership and interpersonal skills, including creativity, patience, persistence, tact, and conscientiousness.




• Small Vessel Operators Proficiency (SVOP) certification
• Industry Canada’s Radio Operator’s Certificate (ROCC)
• Commercial SCUBA certification including:
• Emergency First Aid
• Industry OFA Level 1
• Spinal Immobilization Endorsement
• Emergency Oxygen Administration
• Dive Accident Management; and
• Marine Basic First Aid, Marine Emergency Duties
• Transport Canada Drone Pilot- Small Remotely Piloted Aircraft (VLOS) Basic operations
• Wilderness First Aid




The starting salary will be determined commensurate with experience and final scope of responsibilities. Pay range is expected to be $54,000-$66,000 per year. This is a full-time contract position and is based on a 40-hour work week and any overtime will be taken off in lieu.
A two-year term is proposed for this position. A term extension is optional, based on performance and the availability of funds. The position is expected to start as soon as possible in March 2023. There will be a 3-month probationary period with an assessment at the end of June 2023.




KXSA operates in a distributed office environment. Currently, members of our team live and work in Klemtu and throughout Vancouver Island. Candidates for this position should be based within BC and able to travel to Klemtu within a reasonable time period and cost. Reimbursement for approved travel costs will be provided. Candidates should be prepared to provide their own (home) office environment and equipment including dive gear.
The Field Technician will work with the KXSA Director and Consultants/Advisors, Community researchers, the KXSA Board, committees and staff, and other community members.




Applicants are asked to submit letters of application, with resume, providing details of work experience and two references. Deadline: March 3rd, 2023, by 4:00 pm PDT.
Reply to:
Ken Cripps, Marine Advisor Kitasoo Xai’xais Stewardship Authority

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