Community Hall & Gym

The Community Hall is the centre of activity for Klemtu, whether it’s sporting events, regular drop in basketball/volleyball or community dinners. It is a large gymnasium with 2 basketball rims. The gym is also equipped with badminton nets, a volleyball net and floor hockey nets.

COVID UPDATE: The Kitasoo Community Hall is under new operating guidelines to meet COVID-19 restrictions. There is a maximum of 20 people in the gym at a time.


The community hall is open 1:00PM to 5:00PM on weekdays for open gym. The Recreation Director leads the school age children in mixed sports such as baseball, basketball or a fun game of tag. Main users of the gym at these hours are children as the community school is located just across the hall, but it is open to the community to use at these hours.

The hall is also open in the evening at 7:00PM to 10:00PM Monday to Saturday, mainly for teenagers and adults, it is closed on Sunday.

There is a outdoor basketball court on the south end of the Kitasoo Community School that is open for community use.


There is no longer any admission to spectate or participate in activities in the Community Hall.

The gym can also be rented for community dinners or birthday parties and payment of $50.00 in advance before scheduled event. Book the date 2 weeks prior to the event with Elsie Muldoe and the payment can be given to the Kitasoo Band Receptionist in advance before scheduled event.

Renting the hall guidelines

  • Set up
  • Cleaning the kitchen, stage, bleachers and floors, including spills and garbage
  • Clean/wash tables
  • Take down tables/store chairs away
  • Removal of all decorations (if applicable)
  • Removal of all pots/pans/bowls (if applicable)
  • Rent payment given to Kitasoo Band Receptionist


Caretaker: Elsie Muldoe

Recreation Director: Jason Neasloss