Fire Department

The Kitasoo Xai’xais Fire Department is comprised of a dedicated team of volunteer firefighters who undergo regular training to ensure preparedness in case of emergencies. With two operational fire trucks that can be operated by Ryan Robinson, Shane Robinson, and Spencer Mason, the department is well-equipped to respond promptly.


In case of an emergency, community members are encouraged to contact one of the listed volunteer firefighters on VHF Channel 6. The fire team urges the community to maintain a distance of 100 feet from the fire and avoid blocking routes to allow their trucks to reach the scene efficiently. It is important for all vehicles to stay clear of fire hydrants in the town.


The fire department is actively seeking more local volunteers to join their ranks. With the addition of another fire truck, the department aims to enhance its capabilities and better serve the community’s needs. If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, please reach out to us.


Stay safe Klemtu.

Fire Team

Spencer Mason, Ryan Robinson, Shane Robinson, Stephen Neasloss, Arthur Timothy


Fire fighters on VHF Channel 6