Mussel Cabin

Mussel River Guardian Watchmen

Láiq (also Laig, Le’yuk, Luguuetxw), Mussel Inlet in English, is a traditional village site of the Xai’xais. In 1838, Sir James Douglas found 98 people living here. Today, Láiq remains an important place to the Kitasoo Xai’xais and is protected as part of the Fiordland Conservancy. This conservancy offers spectacular wildlife viewing opportunities and is collaboratively managed under an agreement between the Kitasoo Xai’xais and the Province of BC. 

image credit: Moonfish Media

Access to this highly sensitive area is closely monitored and guidelines are strictly enforced. During peak season this area is managed jointly by the Mussel River Guardian Watchmen and BC Parks. Maintaining ecologically sustainable, safe, and culturally sensitive tourism opportunities is an important management objective for this area. The potential exists to negatively impact bears and wildlife if they are continually displaced from highly productive areas. As such there are guidelines for appropriate behaviour when in this area to help ensure the integrity of these special and significant places are preserved in their natural state for future generations.

When entering the area please contact Mussel River Guardian Watchmen on Marine Channel 6.s.

image credit: Moonfish Media