Outdoor Adventure Programs

Exploring the territory under our own power

In collaboration with other community youth programs such as SEAS, the Sua Performance Group, and Spirit Bear Research, Klemtu youth now have more opportunities to get active in the outdoors.

With our Gilwa Wawaxtus (Canoe family) and our big gilwa as the core of our program, youth develop themselves and their capacity for good stewardship through self-propelled activities like canoeing, kayaking, hiking, trail-building, and camping—growing their outdoor-living skills and knowledge while exploring the majesty of their homeland through ever-expanding expeditions and journeys.


We believe that the heart of stewardship begins with caring about the places and diverse forms of life in our territory, and that caring develops out of sharing powerful experiences together in those places. Our youth will always discover themselves as firmly rooted the richness of Kitasoo XaiXais territory, because we strive to provide them with opportunities to meet the power of their natural inheritance, first-hand, as the reward of their own effort.

Through self-propelled, traditional outdoor-adventure activities, Klemtu youth have the chance to learn and grow together through facing the unforgettable challenges of living immersively on land and sea, as they leave many of the distractions of ‘regular’ life behind for a while.