Spirit Bear Lodge


With over 50% of our territory set aside in protected areas, our community began to shift to eco-tourism as a sustainable, non-extractive industry. Today, Spirit Bear Lodge is a world class ecotourism and adventure travel businesses that employs many Klemtu locals in positions ranging from guest services and cooking to boat operations and wildlife tour guides.

Spirit Bear Lodge was founded in 2001 and attracts visitors from around the world. Offering multi-day wildlife tours from June to October, Spirit Bear Lodge gives guests the opportunity to visit this amazing and unique part of the world. The lodge also serves as guest accommodation year round. Learn more about Spirit Bear Lodge at their website below.

Súa Youth Cultural Group

The Súa Educational Foundation is a youth program sponsored by Spirit Bear Lodge and the Kitasoo Xai’xais Resource Stewardship Department. Súa is a Xai’xais word meaning thunder. The program’s primary objective is maintaining the tradition of performance in Kitasoo Xai’xais culture. Súa students research, discuss and practice new stories, songs and dances throughout the summer program. They also get opportunities to take part in cultural activities and learn skills of theatrical performance and teamwork. Some examples of cultural workshops are cedar weaving, language, song, dance, fishing and canoeing.

Súa Performances continue from July through the beginning of October. We are always excited to share a piece of Kitasoo Xai’xais culture with people from around the world. Súa performances are an interactive experience between the youth and their audience. Don’t be shy to come up to sing and dance with us! Together, our voices can be as powerful as thunder.

Image credit: Coast Funds