Health Centre

The Station (NS) offers comprehensive primary care services for urgent and emergent conditions. Our treatment-based approach ensures prompt assessment,age, and follow-up with the Bella Bella Medical Clinic General Practitioners when necessary.

In addition to primary care, the NS also provides a wide range of services similar to those offered by a Community Health Nurse at a Health Centre. Our dedicated nurses focus on preventive healthcare, offering essential programs for maternal/child health, immunizations, and support for various stages of life.

Key services provided by the NS include:

  • Comprehensive assessments
  • Immunizations for all age groups
  • Health education and screening
  • Maternal/child health support, including prenatal and postnatal care
  • Newborn assessments, immunizations, and growth monitoring
  • Child and adolescent health, including vision and hearing screening
  • TB skin tests and general health education for school-aged and adolescent individuals
  • Adult health services, education, and chronic disease management
  • Elderly care, with a focus on falls prevention, immunizations (such as flu vaccines), medication management, and health education
  • Home care services provided by our dedicated nurses

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Additional Health Services

Home care nurses offer supportive care to clients in the comfort of their own homes, allowing individuals to maintain a level of independence in their familiar environment. The Home and Community Care Service strives to assist individuals with acute and chronic conditions in achieving independent functioning at home. Our program’s primary goal is to promote autonomy and show respect for our clients. If you believe this service can benefit you or a loved one, please visit the Health Centre to consult with one of our experienced nurses.

The physician team at Bella Bella Medical Clinic collaborates closely with First Nation Health Authority (FNHA) nurses, agency nurses, and home & community care nurses. They provide on-site visits and tele-health medical services. The general practitioner offers consultative support to nurses in Klemtu for urgent or emergency cases. Medivac (medical evacuations) can be authorized by the attending physician upon the nurse’s approval. Experience high-quality healthcare services through our dedicated team at Bella Bella Medical Clinic, working in partnership with FNHA and other healthcare professionals.

The First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) Health Benefits Program provides health related goods and services to meet medical or dental needs not covered by provincial, territorial or other third party health insurance. This program currently includes dental, medical supplies & equipment, medical transportation, mental health/crisis intervention, pharmacy, medical services plan and vision care.

The FNHA Health Benefits Program provides community members with transportation to the nearest appropriate medical or health related facility located off reserve when necessary in order to receive medical and other health related services. This program enables access to health care resources that are not locally available in Klemtu. This is administered in accordance with the directives and guidelines established by First Nations Health Benefits (NIHB). The Kitasoo Xai’xais Health Centre will apply for medical transportation approval from FNHA and submit necessary supporting documents.

The Dental Program at the Kitasoo Xai’xais Health Centre provides dental care benefits to the clients living in Klemtu. Dental services are coordinated by Dr. Cam Robson and his dental assistant from North Raven Dental. North Raven Dental provides a new vision of dental services to rural populations with emphasis on servicing First Nations directly in community. They provide service through scheduled visits to decrease the burden of dental problems while increasing the level of preventative care and clean healthy teeth. North Raven Dental offers full comprehensive dentistry, from checkups and fillings to root canals and dentures. The denturist visits based on approvals/predeterminations for required services.

Regarding denture work: A new denture is eligible every 8 yrs. A reline is eligible every 2 years. Within reason you can do repairs (addition of teeth/repair fractured dentures) with no restrictions.

North Raven Dental sees the importance of building a strong foundation of good oral health in Children. We want to motivate and inform children and care givers toward healthy teeth and dental habits.

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Hours: 9:00AM – 4:30PM

Phone: (250) 839-1221



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