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The Kitasoo Xaixais are connected through a vast coastal network once maintained fully by our matriarchs & chiefs. The directions from each hereditary house along with other leaders in community still govern stewardship today. This was a part of an even bigger network of other communities (villages, camps) & relationship (family, business). What does it mean to be Kitasoo or Xaixais?


Over the decades KBC & KXSA have been collecting important & also sensitive information, interviews, video, audio, TUS/TEK studies, archival information from museums, universities & locally stored locations. Everything is now central, secure and searchable; such as place names, traditional foods, family stories, chief names (present & past), camps (history, who, when) & many other events that show resiliency, survivability & adaptability.

This is an important opportunity to open our doors to your information. Lets create a space to share/research all areas of importance & interest.

If interested, please get in touch with the KXSA office.

Phone: (250)839-1096


• Place names • Reserves • Origin stories • Migration • Family • Chief/matriarch names • Pictures • Artifacts • BC History • Traplines • Studies • Family areas


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