Spirit Bear is an Official Mark of the Kitasoo Band

The Kitasoo Band Council, as the representative of the Kitasoo Band, is the registered owner of the official mark SPIRIT BEAR. Public notice of the adoption and use of the official mark by the Kitasoo Band Council was published under the Trade-marks Act on December 20, 2006.

The SPIRIT BEAR has been a sacred symbol for the Kitasoo First Nation for centuries, as reflected in stories and myths. Many Kitasoo/Xaixais people believe the SPIRIT BEAR holds super- natural powers.

The Kitasoo Band uses the official mark SPIRIT BEAR in association with its local businesses and programs such as the SPIRIT BEAR Lodge and SPIRIT BEART ours which it has been providing since 2002. The official mark is also used in association with organizations managed by the Kitasoo Band such as SPIRIT BEARResearch Foundation that conducts non-profit research on bears in the Klemtu region. The community-based cultural dance group in Klemtu carries the name SPIRIT BEARDancers. In 2006 the Kitasoo Band Council together with the government of British Columbia agreed to designate a large portion of the Kitasoo Band Traditional Lands as a protected area under the name Kitasoo SPIRIT BEAR Conservancy.

As registered owner of the official mark SPIRIT BEAR, the Kitasoo Band, through its Council is given the authority and responsibility to protect the use of the SPIRIT BEARofficial mark from any misuse or use that is not consistent with the cultural values held by the Kitasoo/Xaixais people.