Community Forestry Coordinator

Permanent Full-time
Permanent Full-time

Job Title

Community Forestry Coordinator

Job Description

Under the general supervision of the Kitasoo Forestry Company, Managing Director and Kitasoo Development Corporation, General Manager.  The Community Forestry Coordinator will work closely with management, service providers and other entities to understand the full scope of the forestry and its operations.  They will also liaise and work collaboratively with other entities on applicable projects while communicating updates to membership.


Duties & Responsibilities:

Notwithstanding the above general duties, an Community Forestry Coordinator has the following job responsibilities:

  1. Liaise with service providers of the Kitasoo Forestry Company and work collaboratively with other entities
  2. Develop an annual work plan with the Managing Director and complete monthly activity reports at the end of each month
  3. Participate in fieldwork, including surveys and any other proposed projects with forestry and resource stewardship
  4. Attend meetings with other entities when scheduled to attend by management and meet with community members one-on-one to answer questions or concerns
  5.  Work with KDC Communications and Capacity Development Coordinator on community engagement and outreach activities
    1. Ex. Visit Kitasoo Community School to educate the students about forestry, job opportunities, etc.
  6.  Coordinate meetings in the community to provide updates and gain an understanding of forestry issues of importance to community members
  7. Participate and support the KDC on administrative activities but not limited to other projects, when not completing work plan tasks or fieldwork


  • A minimum of grade 12 or have competency, knowledge, experience, or certification in the forestry profession or willing to learn;
  • Class 5 and or 7 driver’s licence;
  • Computer literate with some basic knowledge of Microsoft Office and in particular Microsoft Word and Excel Software;
  • Experience with data collection and management;
  • Must be physically qualified to perform assigned duties in the field;
  • Wilderness First Aid and SVOP;
  • Must be comfortable with working remotely in forestry camps and open to flying in aircrafts;
  • Preferably but not necessarily have experience in aspects of forestry, marine-related or tourism. 

Please submit a typed resume and a letter of interest to the Kitasoo Development Corporation office or by email to: by 9:00 AM on May 27, 2022.  Applicants will be contacted for an interview.

Duties & Responsibilities

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Job Type

Permanent Full-time


Application Deadline

Friday, May 27, 2022

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