Job posting: SEAS INTERN

June 14, 2021

Employer: Kitasoo Band Council – Kitasoo/Xai’xais Stewardship Authority
Duration of Employment and Hourly Wage: $15.20/hr (average 7-10 hour days). Wages will be paid on a per hour basis. This posting is for approximately full time hours with a flexible schedule from June 21, 2021 – August 13, 2021.
Summary of duties: Through an exciting seven (7) week summer program, we aim to engage the successful applicant with the Kitasoo/Xai’xais territory through a series of nature based and cultural activities. The Kitasoo/Xai’xais Stewardship Authority aim to create ambassadors for the future of the territory by providing the necessary skill set required to understand, conserve and protect all that lies within. Participants in the program will become an attractive applicant to future employment in various fields.

REQUIREMENTS: Each applicant will need to be reliable, enthusiastic, a team player and ready to work in the outdoors, preferably a Kitasoo/Xai’xais band member. The applicant will be able to commit to the full 7 week program (40 hrs/wk).

– Covid – 19 awareness & safety
– This year’s focus will be KXSA Land & Marine Planning initiatives
– Archaeology 101
– Traditional harvest, preparation and education; salmon, halibut, ling cod, crab, urchin, seaweed and more
– Environmental education; discover your territory and its ecological/cultural importance
– Wildlife tours; discover and learn about bears, wolves, whales and much more on regular wildlife tours with Spirit Bear Lodge guide(s)
– Culture; learn and engage with cultural activities, both past and present
– Traditional ecological knowledge; connect with the lands and waters, learn how we need to be stewards of this land
– Camping; trip
– Ethno-botany; learn how people both past and present use the land and waters abundance of plants for food, shelter, clothing and medicines.
– Engage with Elders; Take time to sit, talk, question and learn from our elder’s experiences and stories.
– “What is research?”; learn and discover research opportunities in Klemtu
– Engage with professionals; we have bear, plant, and archeological experts engaging with SEAS
– Exploration; explore this land and waters. Search out old cultural sites!
– Fun! Opportunities of a lifetime to explore, ask questions, learn, connect while safely having fun together out on the waters and lands of the territory.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Interns are to be present at all activities, ready with appropriate equipment. Interns are to manage their time keeping abilities and must be on time. We encourage our interns to share their new found skills and knowledge with their friends and family in the community.

Application: Please apply with 1) typed cover letter & 2) typed resume to Melody Robinson, Kitasoo Band Council Human Resource Officer, at the Kitasoo Band Administrative Office or by email: by Thursday, June 17, 2021 at 12:00pm. Applicants will be contacted for interview.

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