Land & Marine Watchman Supervisor 

Employer: Kitasoo Band Council – Kitasoo Xai’xais Stewardship Authority


Summary of duties:

Kitasoo will deploy a single two man crew who will operate from Klemtu from April – October. They will randomly sweep the entire territory using on a weekly basis utilizing a 20 ft. aluminum runabout vessel. The crew will maintain daily activity reports and observation sheets on commercial operators, overnight pleasure craft use, wildlife observations, fishing activity and other indicator data during their trips around the Kitasoo territory.  These activity sheets will be kept on file in hard copy and digital form and used for annual statistics and for specific requests from the community or other government agencies. While in the field the crew will interact with the general public and industry where safe and practical to collect use information and to promote the purpose of the guardian watchmen program and provide printed materials. (Guardian watchman contact information brochure and resource pamphlets such as abalone watch etc.) The crew will report on an administrative basis to the designated Kitasoo supervisor and on a reporting basis to the Kitasoo supervisor and where applicable the Coastal First Nations Guardian watchman coordinator or other designated officer (i.e. BC parks). An annual Report will be prepared to the Kitasoo Band Council and appropriate agencies that summarizes the activities and observations during the watchman season, problems encountered and recommendations to improve the activities for the next year.




The following is the expected prioritized job description for the mobile watchman crew:

  1. Observe, record and report incidents of concerns or illegal activities as required to respective enforcement agencies. (MSRM, MAFF, WALP, DFO, EC etc);
  2. Recording use of the areas by commercial tourism, recreational and other users;
  3. Providing public education to visitors on the purpose of the watchman program, enforcement of the Kitasoo land use plan and awareness of the Kitasoo/Xaixais initiatives in general;
  4. Provide interpretive talks and tours to commercial tourism operators with valid protocol agreements with the Kitasoo;
  5. Monitoring commercial tourism operators in the area for compliance with agreements and management plans;
  6. Collection of wildlife observation data, marine, terrestrial and bird life;
  7. Collect random/opportunistic freshwater/saltwater harvest data from non-commercial users;
  8. Conduct some salmon enumeration and creek assessments as determined with the Kitasoo Fisheries Program;
  9. Visit forestry and other industrial operations (as determined by the Band Council) to monitor compliance to agreements and management plans;
  10. Open and close and monitor (hail catch data) any commercial fishing opening as determined by the Band Council;
  11. Maintain equipment by conducting regular maintenance and repairs of equipment and cabins as applicable. Keep logs on outboard motors;
  12. Participate in monthly guardian watchman conference calls and annual workshops as coordinated by the Guardian Watchman network or Kitasoo stewardship office;
  13. Supervise, direct and manage Land & Marine Watchman crew members. As the immediate supervisor, is responsible for completing annual Performance Evaluation on all permanent part time or full time watchman;
  1. Fueling the boat, tracking of marine weather trends, Pre-departure boat preparations.


  • Experience and interest in the Watchman Program;
  • Ability to work independently and as a teamplayer;
  • SVOP – Small Vessel Operator’s Certificate;
  • ROC-M – Radio Operators Certificate – Marine;
  • MED A3 – Marine Emergency Duties;
  • Leadership qualities and ability to manage personnel;
  • Demonstrate strong communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Possess strong work ethics and is dependable;

Mandatory skills:

  • Safe boat operation and the ability to make route and weather-day decisions based on marine weather forecasts and observations;
  • Familiarity with the waters and marine hazards of Kitasoo/Xai’xais territory;
  • Superior boat handling skills;
  • Adaptable to a flexible schedule;
  • Ability to read and interpret marine charts.


Duration: This position is Seasonal Full-Time, from April – October.


Application: Please apply by Thursday, April 25, 2019 12:00pm with typed 1) Cover Letter and 2) Resume to Melody Robinson, Kitasoo Band Council Human Resource Officer, at the Kitasoo Band Office or by email to:  Applicants will be contacted for interview.



Posted: April 15, 2019