IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Education Department Manager (School Principal)

SUMMARY OF DUTIES: Under the general supervision of the Kitasoo Community School Department Manager, the
Educational Assistant is responsible for assisting the Teacher or Resource Teacher with classroom preparation and
daily routine, supervision of students, marking of students’ assignments and assisting school staff in
furthering school goals.

a) Work cooperatively with the teacher to reinforce the skills taught by the teacher;
b) Work with the student to complete classroom assignments;
c) Meet with the teacher regularly to discuss the student's progress: academics, emotional, behavior, social skills;
d) Work with the teacher to assist with behavior intervention strategies which include removing the student from the
classroom, taking the student to the playground, taking the student for a short break;
e) Advocate for the student as necessary and report major concerns to the teacher and/or Principal;
f) Observe, record, and document behavior on a daily basis as well as provide written comments on student's achievement of
classroom activities. Hand in monthly journal;
g) A timetable will be drafted to indicate which classrooms you will be working in and is subject to change dependent upon the
h) If and when the student is absent, notify the teacher so as to obtain direction for the day;
i) Attend all staff meetings and assist at school-community functions;
j) Maintain the dignity of the student by removing him/her from negative situations that call attention to bad or uncooperative
k) Discuss student's progress, limitations, or educational program only with appropriate school personnel when the student is
not present;
l) Respect and maintain strict confidentiality;
m) Communication between home and school is the responsibility of the teacher and Principal. The Educational Assistant
assists in this process by providing information to the teacher and principal;
n) Prepare class materials and displays as directed by the teacher;
o) Provide assistance to the teacher in carrying out classroom routines;
p) Supervise within the school and in the play areas as assigned;
q) Supervise the class in the absence of the teacher and respond to emergencies;
r) Help to establish and maintain classroom discipline;
s) Perform all other tasks as assigned by the classroom teacher or Principal that are relevant to the efficient and safe operation
of the school;
t) Assist all school staff in furthering the school goals as identified in the Student/Parent Handbook for literacy, numeracy,
cohesive school climate, social and cultural responsibility, and the Kitasoo Xai Xais Language and culture;
u) Maintain the highest ethical and moral standards as a role model to the students of the kind of behavior expected of them;
v) Promote student literacy, numeracy and skill development;
w) Comply with the provisions of the Education Department/School Program internal policies and procedures, and with the
provisions of the Operations Manual;
x) Improve personal qualifications and attend professional development opportunities when they arise and when authorized
by the Principal;
y) Staff shall be expected to undertake professional development activities, in service programs and additional training, as
requested by the Principal from time to time. Should the Principal require staff to undertake a particular professional
development program at a time when the school is in session, the staff member shall be given a leave of absence with pay in
order to undertake such a program. The Kitasoo Community School will pay the expenses associated with a professional
development program, which the staff is required to take by the Principal;
z) Protect and maintain school property and facilities, and report any damages to the Principal.

QUALIFICATIONS: Grade 12; Possess strong work ethics and is dependable; Demonstrate strong interpersonal skills; NOTE:
Criminal Records Check is Required.

DURATION: *Term is from September 16, 2020 to October 30, 2020 – May be extended.
Submit a typed 1) Cover Letter 2) Resume to Melody Robinson, Kitasoo Band Council Human Resource
Officer, at the Kitasoo Band Administrative Office or by email: by Friday,
September 11, 2020 at 12:00pm. Applicants will be contacted for interview.