NOTICE from Kitasoo Band Office

Water Conservation

As per previous notices, this is a reminder that the village is still on a water conservancy notice. This will be in effect until there is sufficient rainfall to replenish Kitasoo Lake. Please ensure all nonessential water sources are turned off.
The weather forecast is showing very little rain in the next 10 days.

Kitasoo Hydro

Due to the lack of rainfall, Baron Lake which supplies water to Kitasoo Hydro is extremely low. According to the recent water level monitoring, our engineers have estimated that there may be enough water holding in the lake to keep the hydro generator operating for approximately 15 – 20 days at regular electrical load rate. The load rates have been averaging 300 Kw, please use electricity conservatively, the lower the load is, the less water is required to run the generator.
Please note, our infrastructure relies on a steady rainfall and moderate temperatures, which has never been an issue in the past, however, due to the change in climate, records have shown less rainfall and drier days. Global Climate Change is a real thing, for the people who live here in Coastal Communities; it is felt by the declining state of our traditional foods such as salmon, seaweed, herring etc.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Kitasoo Band Administration