Required Education, Knowledge, Qualifications and Experience:
 A Grade 12 diploma from a provincially recognized institution or equivalent
 Possess a current and valid driver’s license
 Post-secondary courses in programs such as Early Childhood Development, Educational
Assistant, Youth Worker, Rehabilitation Worker, Personal Care Aide or equivalent post-
secondary courses in a related area from a recognized institute and or related experience would
be an asset.
 Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Training, Physical Assault Response Training, Quality Behaviour
Safety Care Training or equivalent
 Experience in the delivery of human services would be an asset Proficiency in the operation of
computers, word processing applications and additional software comparable to those
currently used in the school division.
Required Skills and Abilities:
 Ability to maintain strict confidentiality
 Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work as a team player
 Good written and oral communication skills
 Basic organizational skills, recordkeeping skills and clerical procedures
 Ability to work independently and follow instructions
 Flexibility and adaptability to changing situations
 Ability to transport students (in personal or company provided vehicle) as and when required
 Ability to present a positive attitude and work ethic
 Ability to provide personal care for a student with intensive needs.
Duties and Responsibilities:
 in the supervision of the classroom during short periods under the direction of the teacher. This
may include, but is not limited to:
o times when the teacher is working with individual students or groups of students
located in the same classroom or outside the classroom
o students who require individual attention
o playground, lunch or rest areas o during recreational activities and outdoor trips on a
one to one or group basis

 May assist students in various life skills activities and assist the teacher in planning and
evaluating the progress in those activities, which can be inside or outside of the school setting.
o Assist students requiring intensive supports in the development of gross and fine motor
skills by physical assistance and manipulations and reinforce social and personal skills to
ensure the successful inclusion of students by demonstration.

o Under the supervision of a teacher, assist students with reading, writing, speech,
assignments, tests and comprehension of curriculum based on student needs and/or
Inclusion and Intervention Plans.
o Based on the needs of individual students, provide students with assistance in
occupational therapy, physical therapy, dressing, eating, toileting, transferring and
o Under the direct supervision of a teacher, assist students by serving as a facilitator of
communication between the student and others including teachers, other service
providers and peers within the educational environment.
o Observe and discuss the progress of students with teachers and other supportive
professional staff to support personal program planning meetings.
o Be familiar with outcomes as set out in the Inclusion and Intervention Plans when
o Exercise judgment in modifying student behaviour by, re-directing, and providing
positive reinforcement within pre-established guidelines. Be responsible for their role
as outlined in the safety and behaviour plan for students requiring Intensive Supports.
o Possess and implement the language skills necessary to deal effectively with aggressive
and disruptive students
o Prepare instructional materials for classroom or student use.
o Keep anecdotal records of student’s daily activities when requested.
o Be knowledgeable and supportive of applicable Division Administrative procedures.  Be
willing to engage in life-long learning with respect to training and professional
o Conduct oneself in a manner appropriate to a professional learning environment
o Deal tactfully with staff, students, parents and the public.
o Attend meetings as requested.
o Perform such other duties and tasks as may be required due to the specialized nature of
a student’s particular education program by the administrator, classroom teacher(s),
o Perform such other duties and tasks as may be required by the Speech and Language
Pathologist when assigned speech and language responsibilities

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