The Kitasoo Housing Committee works in partnership and cooperation with the elected Chief and Council and community members to provide safe, healthy and affordable housing for Kitasoo/Xai’xais community members and to implement the Housing Program through a fair, equitable and efficient application of housing policies.

The Housing Department does not receive fiscal funding. Band housing is a partnership between Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC), and the Kitasoo Band and its members. This means that we must meet our operational agreement in order to continue to receive subsidies for repairs, maintenance, and replacement items. INAC provides money for down payments, CMHC manages mortgages and subsidies, and the Kitasoo Band members are responsible for paying their mortgage or rent.

*There is currently a waitlist for new housing.



Rent and mortgage payments for Housing can or be paid in person at the Band Office with a Money Order or by auto deduction from Band pay cheques.

*A new option for Housing payments is now available. You can now make Email Money Transfers (EMT) from your online bank account. To set up EMT for convenient monthly payments, contact the Housing Department.


Because Housing is a partnership, you are expected to perform some of the maintenance requirements yourself. See maintenance lists below to ensure you are up to date on essential house maintenance. If you require assistance with these maintenance activities or require repairs, please contact the Housing Department.

*If repairs or replacements are required, they MUST be authorized by the housing department prior to work being done.

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