Over the next week, between March 22 and March 29 there will be some testing of the waste water collection system. The process involves using shaded water vapour to check for leakage. The shaded water vapour is completely harmless but looks a lot like smoke. The technicians conducting the testing will use the visual indication of the water vapors leaving the piping through suspected leaks. A Technician will post a note on each door that will indicate if active testing is underway. Residents are encouraged to report any water vapours that occur inside the home.

If a home has leaky drainage plumbing inside and water vapour appears, please notify the tech, who will make a note for the housing plumber to check on interior plumbing. The condition assessment and repair of the interior plumbing is completely out of the scope of this testing. Water vapors that appear on the exterior of the home will be flagged and noted for future repairs as per the scope of this testing process.

This testing is an integral part of preparation for a new wastewater treatment facility for the community domestic waste water.