Employment Opportunity

Kitasoo Community School

Temporary Part Time – Term Position

Land and Cultural Facilitator


Kitasoo Community School strives to help students engage and become fluent in life-long learning opportunities. This life-long learning involves learning about the cultural, spiritual, and territorial knowledge that will enable our students to enjoy this great territory to their fullest capacity.

The mission of the Language, Culture and SEAS team is to empower the Kitasoo/Xai Xais youth to be stewards of their land and natural resources by building educational capacity, creating opportunities for hands-on experience and supporting youth in achieving their educational and career goals.

Our vision is a sustainable future for the Kitasoo/Xai Xais nation by energizing a new generation of local leaders who are empowered through education, mentorship and community support. The main objective for the Land and Cultural Facilitator is to awaken a lasting interest in our students for the sciences connected to the environment, history and culture around us through experiential learning and direct engagement with nature and incorporation of local cultural history, stories and traditions into nature-based activities. All duties and task are to be done in collaboration and consultation with the Language, Culture, and SEAS Coordinator.

The main duty for the Land and Cultural Facilitator is to develop culturally relevant materials and field experiences that can be incorporated into the school curriculum through a variety of activities.



  1. Identify community leaders elders and professionals to participate and led specific program activities both in and outside of the community
  2. Plan field trip activities that complement and build upon classroom activities created for the Grade 12 course and that also engages students from all grade levels in learning about the natural world in their traditional territory
  3. Work with teaching staff to become familiar with the prescribed learning outcomes that are
  4. relevant to the program in all grades;
  5. Participate in the supervision of students while on field trips which may span more than a single
  6. day and may extend beyond normal working hours;
  7. Work with teaching staff to become familiar with the prescribed learning outcomes that are
  8. relevant to the program in all grades;
  9. Examine various field activities that encourage the use of the Xai’Xais Language;
  10. Develop a work plan which sets timeframes for the implementation of activities which conform to the needs of the grade 12 Sustainable Resources: Fisheries course. Include in the work plan target dates, responsible individuals, expected outcomes and reporting deadlines;
  11. Prepare audiovisual field materials to be used as classroom teaching aides
  12. Compile information for a K to 12 resource library to support teachers in offering culturally and regionally relevant activities;
  13. Obtain visual documentation of all components of field experiences using a video camera, still
  14. camera and audio recordings;
  15. Attend all meetings or conferences called by the Principal and the KEA and respond to school emergencies;
  16. Participate in the community and attend community functions
  17. Work with parents, Elders and community members in creating age-appropriate and relevant curriculum materials that will enhance the student’s intellectual, emotional, physical and mental well-being;
  18. Lead land and sea safety lessons activities
  19. Lead students development in the appreciation and reciprocal relationships with the land and Kitasoo/Xai Xais territory
  20. Teach students life-long skills that enable them to prosper and enjoy their traditional territories
  21. Follow the provisions of the Education Department/School Program internal policies and procedures and the provisions of the Operations Manual;
  22. Adhere to the Code of Conduct and the same Code of Ethics as exist for the Teacher;
  23. Encourage and foster a team spirit within the Kitasoo Community School and operations in general;
  24. Perform other such duties relevant to the position as assigned by the Principal from time to time.


  • Possess good knowledge of the history of Klemtu and the culture of Kitasoo/Xai’Xais First Nation;
  • Teaching experience is beneficial;
  • Post secondary education beneficial;
  • Experience working with children of all ages;
  • Experience and interest in working in a First Nation community and school;
  • Good interpersonal skills;
  • Ability to be flexible in his/her work schedule;
  • Possess strong work ethics and be dependable.


Submit a typed 1) Cover Letter 2) Resume to Melody Robinson, Kitasoo Band Council Human Resource Officer at the Kitasoo Band Administrative Office or by email: melody.kitasoo@gmail.com  by Monday, October 22, 2018 by 12:00pm. Applicants will be contacted for interview.