August 28, 2018

As we are all aware, we have been severely affected by the lack of rainfall through the months of July and August. Last week, we lost the prime on our main water supply from Kitasoo Lake; this system runs on a syphon which draws water from a depth of 20-30 feet in Kitasoo Lake. The low lake levels have left the 8 inch main line exposed to the air and sun, causing the pipe to expand and contract and eventually loosening the flanges and couplers which hold the links together. The air infiltration leaking into the top lake end causes the syphon to stop and leads to the village having no water supply. The Kitasoo Band Council is looking into all options to mitigate future water issues. With that been said, all members need to be cognisant of the fact that we are going into a climate phase which is very much drier than normal. Water usage will need to be more regimented as there is a tremendous amount of effort to get the water from the lake through the water treatment and into the village water supply system. Water treatment is very important as the drier, hot weather causes viruses such E.coli to infect the water from natural sources like Kitasoo Lake.

The dry weather also has a major effect on our hydro electric generator. With the current water levels at Baron Lake, our engineer’s estimate that is there is no significant rain by the end of August, the hydro generator will shut down. If this happens, the backup diesel generator will be used to supply electricity to the village.

With the recent water shortage crisis, the leadership contacted Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) and First Nation’s Health Authority (FNHA) to put Kitasoo on a State of Emergency stand-by. Fortunately, we were able to get the water back on line from the lake. I would like to thank the following (in no particular order), for their efforts to assist our village when needed:

Baywest – Jeff, for answering the calls and cutting your time out short to come back to assist in our time of need.

Spencer Mason, thank you for organizing the Volunteer Fire Department in the delivery of much needed water to each household.

Volunteer Fire Department, April, Ryan, Trevor, Elwin Jr, Aaron, Tony, thank you for your on-going efforts to ensure the health and safety of our village.

To the members of Kitasoo / Xai Xais, thank you for your continued support and understanding.