Under the general supervision of the Health Department Manager, the Community Health Rep; provides first
aid emergency treatment and other similar health services to the community and is responsible to organize
various workshops and training sessions to deliver information and instructions with respect to health care.
a. Responsible for assisting the Health Department Manager within Health Department and Programs;
b. Responsible for doing Home Visits with all Elders and discharged patients in liaison with the Clinic
Nurse and Home and Community Care Nurse;
c. Responsible for liaising and working closely with the Nurses in the Health Clinic;
d. Responsible for communicating regularly with all pre-natal moms and dads;
e. If Clients request appointments and want to see the visiting medical professionals. CHR is to direct the
request for appointments to Reception (i.e. Front desk);
f. Responsible for promoting health, well – being and injury prevention;
g. Responsible for the development of narrative reports to be submitted to the Health Department
Manager monthly.
g. Promote healthy lifestyles to all community members and to protect, prevent and reduce the incidence
of injuries and communicable diseases;
h. Organize classes in pre-natal and post-natal care;
i. Hold informational workshops, encourage community members participation and distribute relevant
material in various health care related topics to educate and better inform community members;
j. Respond to the expressed needs of community groups;
k. Hold clinics to provide first level care to patients including dispensing medicine as directed;
l. Apply first aid treatment to sick or injured patients;
m. Provide home support by conducting follow-up visits in patients’ homes that require care and to
monitor their recovery if required;
n. Assess patient needs through personal observation and conversation and make recommendations on a
case by case basis as required;
o. Act as a custodian of emergency pharmaceutical supplies by safeguarding supplies in a locked cabinet
and re-ordering supplies as required;
p. Deliver medications that already have been dispensed to community members in their homes, as
q. Assist in arranging specialty clinics with visiting medical professionals and speakers;
r. Provide reports of sickness or injury to the doctor, nurse or other health professionals as required;
s. Work with the Nurses to ensure that they understand the cultural protocol and cultural sensitivity that is
respectful to Elders;
t. Promote traditional healing methods and practices to all Nurses and visiting health professionals;
u. Refer patients who require health services outside the community and make appropriate arrangements
for hospitalization of patients;
v. Maintain current and accurate files for all clients that s/he is visiting and secure files accordingly

w. Prepare reports for submission to the Health Department Manager, Band General Manager, Band
Council and other agencies as required;
x. Participate in seminars, workshops, and training programs to maintain level of certification and
upgrade skills and knowledge relevant to the position;
y. Carries out the instructions of the Health Department Manager as may be directed from time to time,
provided the same is consistent with the within job description;
z. Attend and participate in Management and Band Council meetings if required to do so;
aa. Complies with the provisions of the Operations Manual;
bb. Adheres to the Code of Conduct as contained in the Operations Manual;
cc. Encourages and fosters a team spirit within the First Nation office and operations generally;
 Grade 12 or equivalent
 Standard First Aid and CPR
 Very good communication (oral and written), problem solving and decision making skills
 Knows and understands the community, in particularly the Elders
 Computer Experience: hardware and software
 Overall administrative skills or experience
 Caring, empathetic, compassionate and respectful
 Ability to take the initiative and direction
 Professional and ethical in all aspects
 A willingness to take training in health programs
 Ability to maintain confidentiality
 Honest and Trustworthy
 Ability to do outreach and home visits
 A good role model
 Criminal Record Check
 The employer reserves the right to give first preference to Indigenous applicants.
 Salary will be based on experience.

Please submit resume to Melody Robinson, Kitasoo Band Council Human Resource Officer, at the
Kitasoo Band Administrative Office or by email: By September 16, 2019
12:00pm noon. Late submissions will not be accepted. We thank all those that apply, only those
short-listed will be contacted for interview.