Under the general supervision of the Health Department Manager, the Recreation Coordinator will organize
and supervise community and cultural recreational activities and event schedule for the Community Hall.
Provide a safe, respectful and stimulating environment to socialize, network and build capacity with one
Administration of Recreation Program
a. Submit monthly reports to the Health Department Manager and Health Committee;
b. Provide programs and services according to funding guidelines;
c. Work closely and cooperatively with the Community Activities Coordinator in establishing an annual
work plan for both the recreation and youth programs;
d. Work closely with the youth, Elders and departments (education, health, justice, social development,
resource stewardship and band management) in identifying, developing and implementing programs
for youth in the area of life skills, education, health and wellness, addictions, personal growth and
development, leadership;
e. Provide stimulating and respectful evening and weekend activities for youth such as homework clubs,
book clubs, movie and pizza nights, board game nights;
f. Plan and provide stimulating and enriching activities for the youth during the school breaks: Xmas,
Spring and Summer such as cultural camps, overnight camping trips, hiking, fishing, berry picking,
village clean up;
g. Guide and assist youth in fundraising activities so that they can offer programs and services that
funding does not cover;
h. Work together with incoming teams and guest speakers while being flexible in coordinating events;
Safe, Respectful and Stimulating Environment for Youth and Community
i. Ensure a safe environment;
j. Ensure respectful atmosphere for everyone;
k. Ensure that the activities are offered on a regular and consistent basis;
l. Role model healthy relationships and encourage others to network and build capacity with one
Mentor and Build Leadership Amongst the Youth
m. Role model and exhibit leadership skills;
n. Work together with Community Activities Coordinator keeping Youth Council active;
o. Help Community Activities coordinator to fundraise to attend workshops and conferences outside of
the community;
p. Work with youth and community in establishing an annual work plan on activities that they would like
to participate in throughout the year;
Building Relationships with Youth, their Families and Community

q. Encourage youth to develop positive relationships with their parents and family by encouraging them
to attend Family Fun Nights;
r. Encourage youth to become responsible citizens of their community by engaging them in activities such
as village clean ups, learning the importance of recycling and composting, protecting the natural
resources and environment;
s. Participate and assist Community Activities Coordinator when Elders are invited to teach youth cultural
values and traditions;
t. Participate and assist Community Activities Coordinator at cultural camps throughout the year that
involve youth, Elders and families.
u. Participate in seminars, workshops and training programs to maintain knowledge relevant to the
position and upgrade skills;
v. Carries out the instructions of the Health Department Manager as may be directed from time to time,
provided the same is otherwise consistent with the within job description;
w. Comply with the terms of the Operations Manual;
x. Adhere to the Code of Conduct as contained in the Operations Manual;
y. Encourage and foster a team spirit with the operations in general.
 Grade 12 or equivalent;
 A good role model for youth and their families;
 Passion and commitment to work with youth and community;
 Living and practicing a healthy lifestyle;
 Very good communication (oral and written), problem solving and decision making skills;
 Computer Experience: hardware and software;
 Overall administration experience;
 Ability to take the initiative and direction;
 A willingness to take training;
 Criminal Record Check;
 First Aid;
 The employer reserves the right to give first preference to Indigenous applicants.

Please submit resume to Melody Robinson, Kitasoo Band Council Human Resource Officer, at the
Kitasoo Band Administrative Office or by email: By September 23, 2019
12:00pm noon. Late submissions will not be accepted. Interviews will be scheduled upon closing.