Klemtu’s Solid Waste Management Program started in 2012 when the local landfill was capped off. Garbage is shipped to Port Hardy by ferry at very high cost to the community. To reduce the environmental and economic cost, we now have an extensive recycling program that is serviced by weekly curbside pickup.

Please recycle according to the Red and Blue Box Guidelines below. This includes:

  • CLEAN and dry paper products (Red Box), and
  • WASHED containers (metal and plastic) (Blue Box)

recycling guide

**Please ensure all lids are taken off, glass is place in a separate bag beside your red and blue box.


Garbage pick-up is Monday and Friday.

Hazardous Waste pick-up is the first Wednesday of the month.

Bulk pick-up is the last Wednesday of the month.

Recycling pick-up is Wednesday.


Housing & Public Works Department Office: 250-839-1265