Salmon Enhancement Program (SEP) Fish Culturist

Under the supervision of the SEP Operations Supervisor, the SEP Fish Culturist supports the SEP Operations Supervisor and Assistant in all aspects of the hatchery operations. This posting is for full-time hours with a flexible schedule including weekend hours.

1. Support the Operations Supervisor and Assistant in all hatchery operations , enumeration fence and sea pen activities, maintenance and operations as per the fulfillment of the DFO –CEDP-SEP contract including:
a. Broodstock capture
b. Egg takes
c. Incubation monitoring and water quality monitoring
d. Shocking and picking and enumeration of all live and dead eggs
e. Ponding and initial feeding
f. Transport to seapens
g. Long term feeding and fish care
h. Release of fish
2. Maintain all equipment in operable condition;
3. Keep the hatchery and grounds clean and tidy;
4. Ensure all data entry and summary reports as requested by the Operations Supervisor and Assistant are completed in a timely manner;
5. Liaise and attend meeting with the DFO contract authority as requested;
6. Identify any safety concerns or equipment deficiencies to the Operations Supervisor, Kitasoo Band General Manager or the DFO contract authority as appropriate;
7. Perform strenuous activities relevant to operations;
8. Participate in training sessions with the Operations Supervisor or outside support people as requested.
9. Comply with the provisions of the Operations Manual;
10. Carries the instructions of the SEP Operations Supervisor related to his general duties as provided from time to time;
11. Encourages and fosters a team spirit within the Program and the Kitasoo Band operations in general;
12. Adheres to the Code of Conduct as contained in the Operations Manual.

• Some experience with the Salmon Enhancement Program is an asset;
• Ability to work independently;
• Possess strong work ethics and is dependable;
• Ability to carry out strenuous tasks relevant to operations;
• Ability to work flexible hours.

Please submit resume to Melody Robinson, Kitasoo Band Council Human Resource Officer, at the Kitasoo Band Administrative Office by April 25, 2018 12:00pm noon. Applicants will be contacted for interview.