Kitasoo Band Council – Waste Removal/Maintenance Assistant

Position Summary:
Under the general supervision of Housing & Public Works Department Manager, the Maintenance & Waste Removal Operator is responsible to provide assistance with garbage collection services, including recycling, bulk waste and hazardous waste and ensures that garbage, recycling, bulk pick up and hazardous waste is collected, transported and disposed of in an appropriate manner. Assist in operating and maintaining Band Owned Vehicles; assist in general maintenance throughout the community where required, including maintaining any and all Band assets; Assist in maintaining roads and bridges by cleaning and removing debris.
Responsibilities Include:
a. Perform heavy manual labour in the collection and disposal of refuse (trash); Lift, carry and dump refuse from containers into truck or designated areas;
b. Perform heavy manual labour in the collection, sorting and baling of recycling; Lift, carry and transport from containers into truck;
c. Perform heavy manual labour in the collection and sorting of bulk waste and hazardous waste; Lift, carry and transport to designated areas;
d. Assist in pick up and dispose of refuse and garbage, collect commercial and residential garbage according to assigned route;
e. Assist in pick up and transport of recycling, collect commercial and residential recycling according to assigned route;
f. Ensure safety/protective gear is used appropriately;
g. Interact with other departments to ensure the proper disposal of trash, recycling, bulk waste and hazardous waste and coordinating schedules;
h. Comply with all safety norms and regulations set by the industry;
i. Ensure work is completed in a timely manner;
j. Ensure site clean-up activities are appropriately carried out and maintain a safe and organized transfer station;
k. Assist in repairing and maintaining roads throughout the community including culverts and other water ways;
l. Assist in maintaining of shrubs, bushes and trees while maintaining roads such as blind spots, overgrowth, hazards and including site clean-up;
m. Assist in maintaining band assets;
n. Assist with housing and public works projects as assigned by the supervisor including work orders;
o. Deal with the public in a positive, courteous and respectful manner;
p. Adhere to the Code of Conduct as contained in the Operations Manual;
q. Encourage and foster a team spirit in the operations in general;
r. Carry out other requests relevant to the position from the Housing & Public Works Department Manager from time to time.

• Ability to carry out strenuous tasks relevant to operations including operate various heavy machinery, power tools, lifting, heavy lifting, carrying, climbing and/or operation of worksite equipment;
• Ability to follow safety instructions and be regularly attentive to ongoing tasks at the worksite;
• Must be able to work in all weather conditions;
• Ability to follow instruction, work independently and as part of a team;
• Ability to effectively manage time and meet all specified deadlines, be willing to work after hours or weekends if necessary;
• Deal with the public in a positive, courteous and respectful manner;
• Possess a valid Driver’s license would be an asset.

Submit 1) Cover Letter and 2) Resume to Melody Robinson, Kitasoo Band Council Human Resource Officer at Kitasoo Band Council Administrative Office by January 23, 2018 12:00 Noon. Interviews will be conducted after closing date.